Monday, January 29, 2007

Puzzles and Corn Chips

Today is National Puzzle Day and National Corn Chip Day. I could not find the origins of either day -- who declared these as special days -- but these two are kind of fun. Let's see.

Frito-Lay Fritos Corn Chips were first distributed in 1961, but Elmer Doolin started the Frito brand years before. When he first started selling the home-cooked snack in the early 30's, he took home a daily profit of $2. Today the many flavors make up a $100 million brand.

Now, to puzzles. Although crosswords are the most popular, there are all kinds of puzzles: jigsaws, logic puzzles, sudoku, and more. There are educational puzzles for various school levels. You could order a custom-made wooden jigsaw.

I used to use jigsaws to relax. Maybe I should celebrate this day with a jigsaw and a bag of Fritos.

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Anonymous said...

I keep meeting up with jigsaws lately - in catalogues, mentioned my friends & family, now in this post Vicki. Pete and I live in a small apartment and have to use a folding table for posh eating and my papercrafting. What we need to buy is one of those folding jigsaw boards...we must, yes.

Happy National Puzzle Day - enjoy the Fritos.

Vicki said...

Hi, Shirl,
I know what you mean. I no longer have that table or any table fit for puzzling. I don't know if those folding boards work.

The papercrafting sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

That would make an interesting way to have a day with a difference. An assortment of puzzles, crisps (as they are known in the UK) and everything else can go hang. That's what I call self-indulgent enjoyment; but did you do it?

Anonymous said...

I like corn chips, but my wife doesn't. But we agree on one thing. We do the anagram puzzle from our local paper, daily. Lots of fun.