Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Beginning

Did you return any borrowed farm equipment?

New Year's Resolutions are an age-old tradition related to the New Year holiday around the world. Long ago, that is very, very long ago, around 2000 BC, when the new year was in the beginning of spring, The Babylonians most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment.

Now, that makes sense because the farmers needed their equipment to begin the farm chores in the spring. They might have been good about keeping their resolutions, but I wonder. Did the Babylonian farmers who had to borrow farm equipment one year, have to borrow the same equipment the next year? And what did the lending farmers use to plant, cultivate, and harvest their own crops?

Today's popular resolutions
are often centered around the resolver -- lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, but if you borrowed a tractor last year (or maybe a lawn mower), now is a good time to return it.

I didn't borrow anything, but I like to make lists and check off the items, so I must have a resolution or two. Let's see. I want to make more productive use of my time and to procrastinate less. That's a good beginning for this new year.

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