Sunday, January 28, 2007

Looking for Beth

Beth and Vicki

In Beth's House
Beth O'Dell and I were close friends for years. We met in the apartment laundry room in the late 70's. We started chatting and learned we were both single mothers of two boys, and they were about the same ages. It turned out the boys knew each other from school. We became family friends, and were never too far apart for too long while the boys grew up, going on family outings, double dating, and sharing adventures. And then I lost her.
Vicki and Beth

On the train from Dallas to Ft. Worth
Beth met someone special and began spending more time with him. It made sense. She was more than smitten, and they did all kinds of fun things including hot air ballooning. When I met him, I thought they made a good match. Things were good.

The night of her wedding, I was ill. I thought I was not sick enough to keep me from my friend's "happiest day," but I was wrong. I was driving across the Grapevine dam when I got sick, not once, but twice. I couldn't go on, and I had to go home. I missed Beth's wedding, and I lost contact with her.

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember her husband's last name, and phone numbers had changed. Mine hadn't changed, but I figured she was probably hurt that I ignored her on that important day. I'm sorry, Beth. I miss you.

If anyone knows my friend Beth, please ask her to call me. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you find each other Vicki, I really do. Have you a site like Friends Reunited over there?

Vicki said...

I thought about, but I don't know where she went to school. If there isn't one, there should be. After reading the study about women and friends, I started thinking about people from days gone by.

Thanks for the tip. I'll try it.

JLRadar said...

Might want to look for Beth's sons. Assuming names didn't change, their approximate ages, and they live in Texas, could use ''

number2son said...

You should use a site like ussearch, to see if you can locate her.

Vicki said...

Okay. I tried peoplefinders and found a name, but this one lists possible relations and I did not find anyone I knew.

Then I tried ussearch and got a list of the same name, but not enough information to see if it was Beth's son. I guess I need to buy the report, but I think I'll exhaust all free sources first.

Thanks to everyone for the tips. Now I feel I will find her.

JLRADAR said...

'Peoplefinders' usually gives just name/city/state for free.

Might now try '' with that info to get phone and mailing address. Good luck.