Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Picture Is Worth . . .

There's nothing like a picture of a cute animal, especially a cute baby animal -- even a baby hippo, to make you say 'aww' and bring a smile to your face.
These are too cute!
Cute Overload collects the cutest pictures of animals of all kinds in interesting situations, and they are straight forward about their cuteness. They even go so far as highlighting the 'cute factor.' The site name is, after all, Cute Overload.

If, however, you have had your fill of cuteness, go on to a site with a broad collection on interesting pictures.

Trouble deciphering the traffic signs?

Look through this collection found by Dark Roasted Blend. The highway department was being creative or just mischievous, or maybe they were trying to add a little levity to a tedious rush hour. While you are there, look around. There are many categories of pictures -- humor, vintage, gadgets, nature, and more -- that are worth your browsing time. And if you are ready for more cuteness, they have those, too.

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