Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do You Have A Secret Pal?

Today is Secret Pal Day. I have not found any official-looking history telling the origin of this special day. There were references to Rumela's Web and I did find several sites willing to help you celebrate.

If there is a person in your life -- or not quite in your life yet -- that you would like to approach, but you're a little embarrassed because you don't know how that person may react, you might want to send an anonymous email. Visit this Secret Admirer Site and you find how to send a message from "" If you don't know the email, there is help for that, too.

The recipient is given instructions to respond without saying your name. If there is no response, you are not embarrassed. If there is a response, then you have a match and lucky you!
All for FREE!

If you want to send something a bit more flamboyant, try a greeting card.

Coincidentally, today is also Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. Cards are available for this mischievous day, too. Still for FREE!

Combine these two special day celebrations as you see fit. Be kind, and be ready to offer to pay for dry cleaning. Have fun.

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