Saturday, April 29, 2006

Family Pictures

We have been going through pictures of

My Family and
Garry's Family

and some Garry took in Laos. It was fun to go through Garry’s photos and learn about the people and places in his life before I knew him.

Then we took a few chosen pictures to tell

my mother’s story and my parent’s story as a couple.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bruco the Caterpillar

We are going to see the caterpillar. Bruco is visible from Interstate 35 south of Dallas. I never knew what was in the building, but Garry found it on the Internet. It is the Monolithic Dome Institute.

I have always been interested in geodesic domes.

Monolithic domes are concrete. They are used for churches, schools, sports domes – and houses.

Some domes look like bumps on the road, but some are quite exotic. We are just looking.

We are going to visit the caterpillar.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rally for Sally

Osteoporosis does not discriminate. Sweet Sally Field -- our Gidget, our innocent Flying Nun, strong Norma Rae and many others – youthful Sally Field was on the Today Show this morning reminding women to get bone density scans and to take care of our bones to improve our quality of life.

She recommends Healthy Bones.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Results Are In

I have osteoporosis and my doctor says it’s pretty bad. Although Osteoporosis is common in women my age, apparently it is more common and more serious when combined with MS.

So what happens? Bones become weak and break easily.

My story: I had a bone density test and found out I have osteoporosis. I took Fosamax and extra calcium to try to strengthen my bones. I see commercials that promise rebuilding bones, but not my bones. Months later another test found little or no improvement, so I now take Forteo. Last week I had another bone scan to see if that is helping.

The bone test requires quite a few bone jostlings to get in and out of the car and on and off the scan table. Because my osteoporosis is rather severe, each jostle is a new breakage opportunity. Everybody’s bones are breakable, but I think mine are extra breakable.

Yes, they break easily. One time my leg was broken getting in the car. My doctor sent me to get an x-ray and an MRI – sounds logical to me. My leg is broken during a transfer, so let’s see -- transfer into car; drive to doctor’s office; transfer out of the car; see doctor; transfer onto x-ray table; transfer off table; transfer to MRI table; transfer off table; transfer into car; drive home; transfer out of car; go into house.

But wait, this story is no yet finished. They told me everything was fine and I should go home, so I did. I was home less than half an hour when they called and said I had to go back. Are you sure? Okay, one more time – transfer into car; drive to doctor’s office; transfer out of the car; see doctor; transfer into car; drive home; transfer out of car; go into house.

Let me summarize: My leg was broken transferring into the car, so to confirm diagnosis and get a treatment regimen, I went through twelve (that’s 12) transfers. I couldn’t wear a cast, but the break was in the femur above the knee, so just sitting might work. I should take Ibuprofen, put no weight on my leg, and keep it still. Ibuprofen is fine and there’s little chance of weight from my seated position. Therefore, I transferred 12 times to be told to keep my leg still. In my wheelchair it’s almost always still anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I had another test to see if the new medication is working. Cici called today and the results are in. My pelvis is still pretty bad, but my spine has improved – just a touch, but improved. I should continue with my daily Forteo shots.

It’s a good thing. I have to try to strengthen my bones so I can go take another bone density test!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open letter to Carrollton City Council

Re: Sex Offender Residency Ordinance
Please don't sponsor the resolution for a "tougher stance" on sex offenders by using the Sex Offender Residency Ordinance. Carrollton has already been in the news more than once because of this embarrassing and thoughtless proposal.

Adding to the restrictions of registered sex offenders is political and emotional but not beneficial. In a number of ways it adversely affects the very children we claim to be protecting. I refer you to the news article about Iowa's efforts, Sex offender restrictions backfire. I trust Carrollton can avoid Iowa's mistakes.

In the article, the Iowa County Attorneys Association stated that the restriction doesn't provide the protection originally intended and the cost of enforcement as well as the effects on families of offenders warrant replacing the law. The Association said research shows there is no correlation between residency restrictions and reducing sex offenses.

In addition, using claims of a high recidivism rate is false and unconscionable. The Bureau of Justice states more research is necessary, but that sex offenders are less likely than non-sex offenders to be rearrested for any offense. In fact, they say the only category of crimes with a lower recidivism rate are those persons convicted of murder (1.2%). More information on the recidivism rate is here.

Last year, my granddaughter went to a school that had a sex offender living nearby. I knew this because I used the Texas Department of Public Safety's map utility. I also trust the other agencies responsible for managing sex offenders. I felt she was safe and secure enough without having to add imaginary safeguards.

Please carefully consider potential problems and publicity this ordinance brings with it. I want to continue to be proud of Carrollton, my town.

Thank you.

Vicki Bridges

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teenage Fashion Entrepreneur

My friend's daughter is a designer and an entrepreneur. Tiffany’s tee shirts and canvas totes are unique and clever. Her hand painting and lettering make them really special. She designs shirts for special events or based on custom requests. What teenage girl wouldn’t want one?

She’s willing to work, she’s creative She is an entrepreneur because she distributes flyers advertising her wares.

How refreshing to see a young girl using her own energy and creativity to make money, instead of just asking Mom. And speaking of Mom, her living room is crowded with fabric paint and glitter and supplies for Tiffany’s orders – the price of success!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Today, Garry made this monogram for me. He started with a 19th century line drawing of a V and a B, added a V (for my initials VVB) and enhanced the completed monogram.

I think it is beautiful, don't you?

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