Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Go Girl

Today is You Go Girl Day, a day to recognize and celebrate courageous women.

The name specifically mentioned with this day is Kathy Sullivan, the first woman to walk in space. She logged over 500 hours of space time.

This is the first time I heard of it, so maybe it's a greeting card sales tool. EXCEPT,
American Greetings is offering free e-cards! Not just 'You Go Girl' cards. but birthday or anniversary or just say hi cards -- all free. What a deal.

I wonder . . . Is there an equivalent for brave boys?

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Anonymous said...

Men are celebrated enough. Like Clinton and Foley. Nope, lets stick to Outstanding Women for a bit.

Vicki said...

Dear mdmhvonpa,
Actually, I agree. I was just thinking about raising boys as a single mother. I would have told them their day is every day. [and I wonder why my older son said we were a sissy family)

We'll give up this day when our history books and role models highlight as many -- or more -- women as men.

You Go Girl! Vicki