Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween is upon us

Which Halloween icon are you? Are you sweet or evil? What about a superhero or famous monster? Find out by taking the quiz.

Now that it is almost Halloween, I think it is time to share some old pictures. Here is a Halloween
slide show of pictures of my boys in some of their costumes. This includes some holiday-appropriate sound effects.

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AZ :o) said...

Hi Vicki!

Long time no type. Well, I took the test and I'm a pumpkin. Was hoping for a goul, but I'm just a punkin head. I'm doomed to a life of mediocrity!

Type to you later!

Vicki said...

Hi AZ.
What's wrong with a pumpkin? They are healthy, identifiable, colorful, and yes, even sexy. One of the most attractive scents for men is pumpkin pie! So don't think mediocre; think pumpkin is sexy and punkin is cute sexy.

Type to me any time -- I look forward to your comments.