Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh, Halloween

I get email reminders to send Halloween flower arrangements and offering scary toys for the kids, but so far, Halloween, traditionally not a gift-giving day, is only the sixth biggest holiday for spending.

So, if not for gifts -- why are we spending money?

Costumes for kids and a
dults are always fun, and if you do not sew or are not crafty, they are available at a hefty price. Or simply add a mask to your everyday duds. Decorations are going beyond the paper lanterns and cardboard skeletons. Treats to buy, party favors. There are lots of ways to spend your money on Halloween.

Last year we spent
$3 ½ billion, but this year's estimate is $5B! Wow. And that doesn't count the bills for extra dental and fat-fighting products we seem to face as a result of the candy-eating. Try shopping the sales so next year will be just as fabulous for just a little less.

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