Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Heard It Enough?

Have you ever heard a word or phrase that you absolutely do not want to hear again? Sometimes terminology just runs away from us, and a well-turned phrase becomes a too-oft-repeated irritant. For example --
Back in the day (whichever day that was), before we were in a post 9/11(the date used to mark all time) world, when everything we ate was organic (because, after all, what food isn't?) and very few of us knew about waterboarding (which almost sounds like surfing), life was something that is what it is (whatever that is).
Lake Superior State University recognizes many words and phrases are misused, overused, or generally just useless. For the last 33 years LSSU has published a list of these words to be banished. This year, more than 2000 were nominated from which a committee produces the final list.

Have a favorite vocabulary pet peeve? See if it made the LSSU 2008 Banished Words List.

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1 comment:

Anne said...

I read alot of novels (fiction) and authors can't help interject their own "wordisms" into their stories.

1)In truth, he knows.....
2)Truth be told, she knew it would never....
3)To tell the truth, he went anyway....

All this stuff about truth. If I wanted to read the truth, I wouldn't be reading books of fiction!

My pet peeve of overused words,