Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thinking Meat

I'm not sure about this site: The Thinking Meat Project

It is puzzling. It may not understand itself. Her self-definition includes "It may be hard to summarize Thinking Meat, but after awhile you know it when you see it." The name is explained: We, being people, are a unique species because we think; and we are flesh and blood which is meat.
Read About Thinking Meat for an official, detailed discussion, or, even better, read this essay .

The format is different than the average blog, but it is not average - it is Thinking Meat. Take a look. I think you will appreciate it. I did. The blogger is a woman, Mary, who is curious, likes to read, and obviously likes to write.

There is a lot to see.
  • Book reviews, several about the brain
  • Links, categorized by people and places and other stuff
  • Quotes, there are some good ones here
  • Long list of other cool sites
This is a fun site. Check it out. The Thinking Meat Project

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