Monday, January 07, 2008

Are You Organized Yet?

It has been a week since New Year's resolution time and one of the most popular resolutions was "to get organized." So, if that was your resolution, are you organized yet? Maybe in one room? Or just a closet?

What? Not done yet? Well, relax. It may not be your fault. There are sixteen medical conditions that may result in disorganization. Yes, sixteen! Don't panic, because you might not have one of these conditions. Wrong Diagnosis tells us "some level of disorganization is not necessarily a symptom of disease." It could be as simple as tiredness, perhaps as a consequence of an over-busy schedule.

Now remember, "to get organized" is a popular resolution, so that means many people are disorganized. In fact, there is a National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD), a non-profit educational organization. Look at the fact sheets to determine if you qualify as chronically disorganized or if you have to deal with it. They provide training for effected persons or people who want to become professional organizers, as well as referrals to people they have trained or related professionals.

There has to be a less drastic solution to organize a cluttered room. There are several TV programs that show a team clearing a house or room, discarding the unnecessary items, remodeling, and replacing must-save items. Does a fresh start guarantee an organized room? At least for awhile.

My favorite is Mission: Organization on HGTV hosted by Gail O'Neil where professional organizers follow a simple formula to walk the disorganized people from chaos to order. It is only 1/2 hour, and it may be just the inspiration you need.

My desk is cluttered now and again, but I like it better when it's not. Personally, I have lived in all stages of organization. I do tend to horde, as NSGCD warns, but not much, mostly papers. I prefer clear cabinets in the kitchen, minimal or at least neat decor, less furniture instead of crowded rooms.

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AZ said...

I'm organized; I live by the 365 days rule: If you haven't touched or used an item in one year get rid of it. Storage space is at a premium and none should be wasted storing items you never use, I make a point of touching (i.e., dust, wash, or rearrange a keepsake item) so it doesn't fall into the 365 rule, how can you call something a cherished keepsake if you ignore it! I’m probably nearing the OCD side of organization, but I’ve been this way since I was a child so I don’t view it as a disorder, it is my very own character flaw. :o)