Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Dinner, Here and There

Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world. The centerpiece of the celebration is the Christmas dinner meal. But the center meal is surely not the same in so many different cultures.

Well, that's true. Turkey seems to be popular in many homes, almost everywhere. If not turkey, other poultries such as duck, goose, or even pheasant make the family happy. Ham, too, is favored, as is roast beef, especially in the UK and former colonies. Some cultures have different ideas.

Japan likes fried chicken and strawberry shortcake. In Australia, chicken or ham is eaten cold, or shrimp is bar-be-qued. Remember it's summer down under.

Several cultures center their meal around twelve courses or dishes. Poland, for example, has 12 meatless dishes breaking a fasting period. The Ukrainian 12 courses are each dedicated to an apostle. They eat boiled wheat.

Finnish dinners consist of ham or fish with a smorgasboard of side dishes. The French stay up, often after midnight. The Netherlands has gourmet dishes, often individually cooked and the table in small skillets. The Mexican feast is largely fruits around special stews and tamales.

So many different cultures with as many different culinary tastes, all to celebrate Christmas. Read details in Wikipedia or an article about special dinners around the world.

Enjoy your Christmas tradition and your family dinner, or try something new by borrowing a taste from another culture.

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Diane J Standiford said...

"You are what you eat, said a wise old man. If that's true then I think I'm a garbage can." Hugo-

“Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.”
Benjamin Franklin-

AZ said...

Happy New Year! I've been reading your blog, but the Holidays have zapped strength and my ability to comment! You're right about my Holiday fare, I've had posole (homemade by my sister), tamales for Christmas Eve (made them myself), and with any luck I'll have menudo (I'm hopin' my sister will make some) for New Year's day.

Vicki said...

Hi, Diane. I think we all know some garbage cans out there.

Hi, AZ, it's nice to see a familiar face . . er . . a familiar set of letters. I have a neighbor who brings me Christmas tamales. How sweet are the gifts of traditional foods. I didn't know about the menudo for New Year's. Sounds good.

I hope everyone is enjoying this day, and that it is just the beginning of a great year.