Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A World Fit for Children

World War II had ended, an organization had begun an international co-operation promoting world peace, and Europe was facing a grim winter. As the Iron Curtain divided Eastern and Western Europe, a Geneva conference worked to restore Europe.

Ludwik Rajchman spoke for the children suffering from lack of resources in their war-torn homelands. A resolution in the UN General Assembly created United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, December 11, 1946. UNICEF was born with the promise of no restrictions where the aid might be provided.

Look at UNICEF now after 61 years review of "Progress for Children" towards building a world fit for children. What started with providing powdered milk to children of the war evolved into a broad range of programs to benefit children around the world.

Support by sending UNICEF cards and gifts. They even have a variety of e-cards.

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