Friday, December 07, 2007

Another Fun Site

Ask500People is a new site that is kind of fun and potentially useful. You can pose a survey question to be answered by people all over the world.

Here's the drill - Register. If your question is chosen -- by site visitors like you -- it will be available for 100 random respondents, whoever signs on and chooses to vote. Then it remains available for more respondents.

Read through some of the questions that have been submitted to Ask500People. Questions are serious, quirky, personal, political, and just plain silly. You can review questions that have been submitted and vote for any you think should be featured.

The featured question is displayed over a world map and you can track the response live. When someone answers, a pin is placed on the map, so you can see how many people agree or disagree and where the respondent is from. You can leave a comment if you choose.

Before you Marketers ask, yes, it can be used for business and the results can remain confidential. All you have to do is sign up for a premium account and you're ready. For the rest of us, it's free and fun. Think of a question. then Ask500People.

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