Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today is Idaho Admission Day. On July 3, 1890, Idaho became the 43rd state.

Part of my childhood was spent in Idaho. Mountain Home AF Base.

I remember one July 4th we went camping at Priest Lake and shot our own fireworks over the lake. Very pretty. We kids participated with sparklers.

I learned to ski at Sun Valley. I wasn't very good, but I had a good time.

My horse Domino and I traveled through the sagebrush to run through Maggie's Gulch and swim in the Snake River. In fact, the state animal is a horse -- appaloosa.

The state gem is the garnet, my birthstone. We went to a garnet dig once where there were supposed to be garnets on or under the ground. We could keep what we found. I did not find anything.

And, of course, Idaho is famous for growing potatoes. Potatoes are a favorite part of my diet, so I must thank Idaho for becoming a state and having a base where I could live for awhile and for the places where I could camp and ski and ride - and also for providing me with nourishment.

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