Saturday, July 07, 2007

Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Good Health

Today is Chocolate Day. Well, it's about time.

America's favorite flavor is chocolate.
Variety is the spice of life and chocolate is my favorite spice with all the different flavors.

But here's the great news: Chocolate is a health food!

Because it is made from the cacao tree, it can be considered a vegetable. I'm still not sure I'll consider it as a vegetable serving.

In addition, German researchers report that dark chocolate can
reduce high blood pressure. Both Systolic and Diastolic numbers are moderately reduced, attributed to flavanols found in cocoa.

Here's the rub.
Apparently, only dark chocolate benefits your blood pressure. So much for variety. And if you eat too much, not only do you gain weight, but you risk raising your blood pressure again. The trick is to eat only small amounts, similar to a Hershey's Kiss a day.

And, of course more research is needed. Okay, okay. I volunteer.

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