Saturday, December 09, 2006

Breathe Easier with Christmas Seals

It began in Denmark. A postal worker came up with the idea that a large amount of money could be raised without costing anyone too much. In 1904 the Danes bought four million seal stamps and the funds were used to build two hospitals for children with tuberculosis. It was the beginning of ordinary citizens taking part in the fight against a deadly infectious disease.

Norway and Sweden were impressed and started their own Christmas seal programs.

The United States was impressed and took up the cause. Some officials, however, did not help because they did not like Christmas being associated with such a horrible disease. Support in the US did not come easily, but through perseverance the program took off starting this day in 1907. Canada soon followed suit.

Read the whole story here.

Today, Christmas Seals fight more than tuberculosis , expanding to support the fight against all respiratory diseases. Support the cause, and check out the American Lung Association or browse the designs in the Canadian Lung Association Christmas Seal Gallery beginning in the 1920's.

16 days before Christmas

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