Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who's Reading this Blog?

Shortly after I started writing this blog, I added Site Meter to track the number of hits. Even when comments are not made, I know someone had the opportunity to read what I wrote. Most of the hits are people just passing through, maybe the topic did not grab them, maybe they do not read English, maybe any number of other things.

It is fun to discover the world, a blog from Brazil, pictures of Singapore, fashion design hopefuls from the Philippines, daily videos from Canada, funny stories from the UK, journals about a trip, a group project, a family reunion, a baby.
As I go from one blog to the next blog, sometimes I am pretty quick to leave, but it is fun and fascinating to see what someone else thought would be of interest to the world. A teenager's blog from India is often similar to a teenager's blog in Minnesota -- we are all human after all.

Now I added NeoCounter to show where hits to this blog originate.
Look at the sidebar below the archives. Notice the Site Meter and Neocounter numbers do not match. It would be neat if NeoCounter counted everyone who ever passed through the blog, but it starts as of now. There is one visitor from the United States. That would be me.

This is only a trial, so it may disappear in a couple of weeks. I have always been impressed with the broad reach of the social Internet. So many different cultures surf through, there is enormous potential for international sharing.

1 comment:

Kate said...

I have often wondered the same, but been to lazy/ambitious to find out.

Glad to know that something grabbed you at Kately Days. I sometimes feel like I'm writing for a select audience of three. It's easier to tailor, so ... no complaints.

Thanks for the comment - I'll definitely be back here for more!