Monday, July 17, 2006

Plain or Fancy -- you decide

Want to add style to your blog? Mandarin Design will help you.

Full instructions for making the first letter of your paragraph big and HTML code are available along with other magazine-type style tricks. Now, I wish you luck with this. I had to try several times, and the "F" changes size -- it starts big, but gets smaller when I refresh or republish. I better go back to the tutorial.

Mandarin Designs has links to generators where you can make your own logos, instantly, and for free. Here's one I made using Labelmaker.

I used LokiCola font that does not recognize apostrophes. I kind of like it with "utopia" in the middle, but here's one without the apostrophe.

Scroll on down and you'll find online tools and tutorials. There are many types of pictures and borders and tiles and help with design and a person could get carried away here.

Have a nice visit to Mandarin Designs! It's fun and useful, and did I say fun?

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