Sunday, July 30, 2006

What can you do with a Bully?

I used to struggle with the question of fighting when raising my boys. If they could not hit, was it okay to hit back? When a kid hits you, what do you do?

Now advice is offered by Health Resources and Services through the Internet. On the adults’ pages there are explanations of what a bully is and advice to parents about handling bullying.

On the kids’ site, there are videos (webinars) that illustrate bullying experiences, there are explanations of the different types of bullies, there are games – be sure to watch the videos first. Some of the games are good for the little ones while others require good reading skills.

Why am I thinking about this now? While watching the news, it occurred to me that Hezbellah is the bully. At first much of the world reacted as if it is all right to hit back. Now, because Israel hit back pretty hard, the world is turning against them. Hezbellah, the bully, fires more than 100 rockets into Israel daily – more than 200 yesterday – hides among civilian populations and stores explosives under schools.

I think the international community needs to take a stand, lend a hand – or at least a supporting word – and stop the bullying now.

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