Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Profile Interests

Today I expermented with the interests listed in my profile. Click on one and a list displays of other bloggers who list the same interest. Here are some things I noticed:

Topics tend to attract those of similar ages. Now this makes sense in the same way a movie targets age groups. That doesn't stop older folks from seeing and enjoying more juvenile flicks, but most people who go to children's movies are children or accompanying children. For example, I have mind mapping listed and the list of other mind mapping-interested bloggers was middle-aged and older.

Exact wording makes a difference. For example, my mind mapping search did not include anyone who said mindmap. So close and yet ...

Words mean different things to different people. Again, this makes sense. For example, I listed games. To me, games are Trivia, Lingo, and other word games. The list was mainly computer gamers or Playstation types. I guess for poker or casino games the word would be gambling.

You may not get what you expect. Surpringly, at least to me, my fashion yielded very young bloggers. Older people have to dress, too, but they did not include fashion as an interest. This was a very short list and three were from the Philippines. I will now take more interest in Philippine fashion trends because something must be happening there.

Mainly, using the interests to browse is a great exercise. I found good blogs around the world -- poets, artists, writers, gamers, professionals. I found people like me and people very unlike me with a similar interest. What fun.

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