Monday, December 12, 2005

Back Again

It has been a long time since I posted to this blog -- and I had the audacity to call it a DAILY log! Well, in my defense, I have tried other blogs. Some I even posted thoughts, rants, and stories. I even had some comments. Wow, what an accomplishment.

Here's my new idea for this blog:
I will try to post on a regular basis. It may not be daily, but I hope it will be more often than yearly. Over the past year I have read many blogs. I find I am more of a lurker. My new year's resolution is to participate. I know the new year hasn't started yet, but maybe if a get an early start it will get done. Maybe.

Yesterday I changed the format. It is not quite finished, but I'm working on it. I updated my profile today and saw there's much more to do there. It's not enough to say I'm female. Over the next several days I'll enter my interests and favorites and I'll look at other blogs that share my interests.

Okay, let's go

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