Monday, December 26, 2005

Multiple Sclerosis

A friend recently told me she was interested in my MS reference because her sister was being tested for MS. It made me think of when I was first diagnosed and found little information to let me know what to expect.

The library had several books with possible symptoms and explanations, but the information was often conflicting. The only thing I remembered hearing was that MS is the crippler of young adults. In the past fifteen years, research has resulted in clearer information and several medications that actually treat the disease instead of just certain symptoms. The Internet provides all kinds of facts as well as anecdotal information helpful to MSers, and friends, families, and even caretakers of MSers.

MS is still a mystery. We know for sure that many people have it. After I was diagnosed most of my friends told me about someone they knew who had MS. I didn�ft know anyone, so I should have suspected the MSer in my midst was me!

The other positive fact is that MS is unpredictable. The initial diagnosis is not easy and the prognosis is uncertain. People known to have MS vary from Montel Williams who fights MS with fitness to the late Richard Pryor who was so obviously disabled. Other Famous People with MS exhibit various sets of symptoms, some obvious and others not so visible.

From time to time I will write about my personal experiences in the hope that someone will be able to relate and find comfort.

I feel lucky. There are so many things that are worse than MS. If I am going to have MS, I am grateful it is 2005. We have many mobility options and a level of acceptance not known twenty years ago. One good source I rely on is the National MS Society.

Stay positive and good luck.

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