Monday, January 19, 2009

Twittering Away

Twitter is a social network that makes use of micro-blogging and linking to highlight posts and articles you want to share. You can "follow" people with similar interests so you see what they want to share, and you might learn something kind of fun, rather interesting, or downright useful! Although I subscribed some time ago, I only recently began to learn to really use it. I still have a long way to go before becoming good at it, but I found a few posts that are helping me learn.

First is Garry's post listing
20+ Twitter Tools. Using one of the tools, Twubble, I found people I would not have found without it. This will allow me to create a more meaningful Twitter network.

Now that I see tools to make better use of Twitter, I still need to learn why I might like to subscribe. TwiTip is a blog that includes tips about Twitter. One post tells us specifically 5 ways I benefit from Twitter. It is worth browsing to learn more.

Another suggestion for making your network more useful to you is 7 Traits of Bad Twitter Follows. Meryl, found through a Twubble list, gives hints about selecting people to follow and what to write so you are followed by people who may be of interest to you.

Meryl's suggestions and Garry's list of tools will help you create a great Twitter network. I have found links for people interested in writing and marketing as well as fellow MSers!

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