Monday, January 12, 2009

Evolution of a Superhero

Batman's TV debut was on this date in 1966 starring Adam West. The series was cute, campy, a little funny, and really quite innocent. The series was short-lived, but popular, and probably not forgotten. There was also a Batman movie in 1966 using the same stars and the same quirky techniques that made he TV version work so well.

The Batman movies beginning in the 1980s started in the same style as Superman. My kids were excited to see the first one, and then more in the Batman film series as they were produced. He was definitely a superhero, though not as campy as the early TV version. At one time he was even .. well .. you know .. sexy (played by George Clooney!).

Over the last year he has been represented in darker, more serious film, The Dark Knight.

Batman has evolved and grown up over the last 40 years. The TV series that brought the comic hero life began 42 years ago on January 12.

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