Monday, June 30, 2008

National Rose Month

Today is the last day of June, National Rose Month. Let's reflect on roses. It is said that the rose was given its name by Aphrodite. Here are some roses given to me by my sweetheart -- not all this month, but I remember them as we celebrate the rose.

Rose Matrix

Roses have been with us forever, and they have always been meaningful. Passion, joy, reverence, and of course, love are all symbolized by the color of roses.

Red and White roses are closely related. Whites, associated with the Virgin Mary, symbolize innocence and purity. Reds are symbolic of the blood of Christ. Red roses originated as whites.
  • White roses grew from tears Venus shed when Adonis died. They turned red from blood droplets when Venus pricked her toe on a thorn.
  • The nightingale chirped and croaked until white roses inspired him to sing. He lovingly pressed himself into the rose, was pricked by a thorn and his blood turned the rose red.

Check here for more rose trivia.

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