Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Election Year - Now and Then

It's election year and it is important that we vote. However, every eligible person will not make it to the polls. There was a time when even people who were not registered showed up at the polls. And why not? It was not against the law! Or was it?

In 1873, Susan B. Anthony led a group of women to their polling place in Rochester, NY. Anthony placed a ballot in the box voting for the republican candidate
U.S. Grant. She was arrested for the heinous act of voting. Women finally won the right to vote almost 50 years later in 1920, 14 years after her death.

Check out the Susan B. Anthony time line. She was not only active in women' rights, but in anti-lavery and other civil rights causes. She was a brave woman. Even though she voted Republican, she would have been proud to see this year's Democratic race for the nomination.

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