Sunday, April 27, 2008

Olympics, 100 Years Ago

The Games of the IV Olympiad opened one hundred years ago today in London.

The modern Olympics were still young, and of course there were sports as we know them today. However, they hosted sports that are no longer part of the Olympics, such as polo, rugby, golf, and water skiing. Read about the Olympic Sports of the Past.

One fun fact was the list of events no longer included. For example, the 1908 Olympics saw countries battling it out in Tug of War. It was contested as a track and field event, but remained with the Olympics until 1924. I can see how it was considered a sport because it took strength and skill, but I was just surprised.

Even more surprising was croquet! By the time the 1908 Olympics were held, croquet was no longer on the list of contests. France won that event the only time it was included, but it might not have been such a victory since only Belgium sent a player to compete. No wonder they did not continue.

The Olympics this year are in China, continuing the world's tradition to play games. I wonder if there will be any games that will be questioned in 3008.

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