Sunday, August 19, 2007

Potato Day

How do I pick a potato? It depends. What am I going to do with it?
The first step in choosing a potato is deciding how to cook it. There are so many ways to prepare a yummy potato dish, and so many types of potatoes to use in the various dishes.

For baking, I might choose a russet. Russets are good for most recipes. Sometimes I like red potatoes for mashing -- and I like to leave the skins on. My first experience with the radical style of skins-in mashed potatoes was at a small restaurant Celebration on Lover's Lane in Dallas. It was a revamp
ed house with home-style cooking, and we thought it was quite charming. It is still there, but it has evolved over the years adding specialized catering. I wonder if their potatoes still use the same recipe.

But I digress. Enough potato memories. Well, maybe a couple more.

Who didn't have a third-grade project using a potato to grow a leafy plant? Or to make a turkey? And the same parents who gave me a Mr. Potato Head
toy, were the very parents who told me not to play with my food. Go figure.

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AZ :o) said...

Potatoes my favorite food as a child! I wouldn’t eat them baked, mashed, boiled, or scalloped, they had to be fried! I’m sorry I haven’t commented in such a long time, I accidentally deleted my favorites list and lost you! I racked my brain trying to remember what your blog name was, but I couldn’t remember. Last night as I surfed I thought it couldn’t possibly be as simple as “Vicki’s Blog,” and it was! And yes, I’m so dumb I didn’t realize that there was a history of the blogs I visited I didn’t run into that until way later! I just bought a “Darth Tater” (the new and improved science fiction version of Mr. Potato Head) and the little girl loved it, it’s a toy that weathers the ravages of time very well.

Vicki said...

I missed you. Glad you're back. We all know about accidental deletes, or at lest, I sure do. I'll have to look at Darth -- I have a granddaughter about the right age. Thanks for the tip.

Bubbie said...

Carb concious dieters have given the poor potato a bad rap recently. I couldn't live without them and can make a meal from one. I've been vegan for many years. Have you tried the delicate fingerling potatos? Great sources of vitamins and minerals, but to get the best benefit choose organic when you can.