Thursday, August 30, 2007

Have a Good Laugh or at Least a Great Smile

Most people like a good laugh. I know I do. And I like a good Laughorist. Pawlie has a delicious way with words, never fearing to use a word not often encountered in water cooler conversations, and always playfully sharing his enjoyment with us unpretentious readers. He is not above creating his own words and phrases as with Bloggerexi Nervosa accompanied by an illustrative mind map. What fun!

It was through The Laughorist that I discovered The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile. Michael is funny, too, and willing to share his fun with those of us who drop by for a visit. But let him tell you his story himself, first being perky, then Frank.. . uh, frank. He also encourages participation with Q&A Tuesday. Give him a read and then give him a question or two.

Have Fun.

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