Monday, March 12, 2007

Working for the Common Good

Commonwealth 2007
Respecting Difference, Promoting Understanding

53 countries, from Asia, Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific form a partnership dedicated to co-operation and governed by mutual respect. On Commonwealth Day, there are events celebrating equality, justice, and freedom. The Commonwealth grew out of Britain's imperial past and Queen Elizabeth II is Head of the Commonwealth.

Every member joins in six affirmations:
Human Worth
Stewardship of the Earth
Equality, Justice and Peace
The Primacy of Love
Unity in Diversity - Service and Sacrifice
The Sixth Affirmation changes based on the Year's Theme

A large celebration is a multi-faith, multi-cultural event to take place in Westminster Abbey. Since 1930, the Commonwealth Games have attracted international competitors in a relaxed atmosphere known as the Friendly Games, next scheduled in 2010 in New Delhi.

Prime Minister Nehru of India said the Commonwealth could bring "a touch of healing" to the world's population. Sounds like a path to peace to me. Read details here. Be sure to check the end of the document for the many related websites.

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