Thursday, March 08, 2007

March is National Women's History Month

This month is about women making history.

March is
National Women's History Month and the theme this year is Generations of Women Moving History Forward. The theme recognizes two important anniversaries: 50 years ago, Central High School in Little Rock was successfully integrated; 30 years ago the National Women's Conference was held in Houston.

Both of these historic events marked the beginning of changes in government policy and our daily lives. Look at today's political arena -- the top democratic presidential contenders include an African American and a woman. Women and African Americans have run before, but these candidates are TOP contenders for the TOP political office.

The thirteen women honorees this year begin with Mathilda Joslyn Gage, an early suffragist, and end with Monique Mehta, who works with compelling problems such as immigration and homelessness. These women are all inspirational in their accomplishments and their daily lives.

We can all learn from these heroes.

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