Monday, March 12, 2007

More Than Just Cookies

The Girl Scouts celebrate 95 years of scouting in the US with Make the World a Better Place Week beginning today.

Juliette Gordon Low began on this date in 1912 with 18 girls in Savannah to help girls develop leadership skills. Did it work? You decide --

Girl Scout Alumnae include:
Sandra Day O'Connor
Madeleine Albright
Eileen Collins
Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust
Katie Couric
50% of women in Congress
64% of women listed in Who's Who in America
53% of women business owners
Juliette Gordon Low was one of America's first female pilots, and she introduced that skill to the girls through the Girl Scout aviation badge 4 years before women could vote.

Looking for an alternative to the controversial Bratz dolls? The Girl Scouts teamed with Manhattan Toys to develop Groovy Girls.

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