Wednesday, November 29, 2006

National Square Dance Day -- November 29

Square dancing is as American as apple pie.

Well, maybe that's not exactly the case. Early settlers brought the dance style with them from France or England. America, and probably specifically the Old West, added the caller to keep the dancers synchronized. I learned it as an elementary school kid in Idaho. It was fun, although I went on to other dancing styles later.

There are many
benefits to square dancing, like it's fun and easy to learn. There are all kinds of clubs and organizations that teach and schedule events, such as Square Dance. There's probably a club near you.

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Remarkability said...

Square danced in fifth grade but it never caught on with me. BTW, happy upcoming birthday from a fellow Capricorn, a fellow systems person turned marketer, who did some time in travel/hospitality (CRS side.) Be well.