Thursday, September 07, 2006

What to Wear -- What to Wear

For years women depended on the big fashion houses to dictate the styles and department stores followed their lead. But in the same way that blogs are adding a new dimension to disseminating the news, they are adding to women's fashion options.

A photo blogger sees an interesting outfit, snaps a picture and shares it with the blog-reading public. Candid shots displayed on the runway of blogs are usa new perspective on what is "in."

Justin Shubow has written an article about this phenomenom while highlighting some really good
street-fashion blogs from around the world, including Go Fug Yourself critiquing celebrities with a minimum of tact.

Look at some of these sites and make a shopping list. Be sure to note what NOT to buy. And be sure to dress ready for the camera. You never know what fashion-street photo blogger might be waiting out there.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki!

I've past the "do I look alright in this outfit" stage of life. I'm into the "do I feel comfortable" stage. Sad but true!


Vicki said...

Not too sad, really.

Even at our most fashion conscious, we still dress using a style/comfort continuum. I, too, have slid very close to the total comfort side. It has to be easy to put on, too.

I follow the fashion philosophy: If you feel good in it, you look beautiful. Attitude is the best beauty secret.