Saturday, September 16, 2006

Can you write a short story?

I mean a REALLY short story.

Through many years of writing in a business environment, I developed my style based on three C’s: complete, comprehensive, concise. Right now I am focusing on concise.

Mark Twain once apologized for sending a long letter, saying he would have written a shorter letter but did not have the time.

It takes thought to tell a story in few words instead of many, and it takes practice to do it well. Can you tell a story in a single sentence? Some try, and some are pretty good. See if you can write a sentence that paints a picture to your mind. Good luck!

1. He met me at the door and told me with his eyes I would hold my fluffy white, purring cat again only in my memory.

2. On my first neighborhood walk in my Amigo scooter, my hair rustled in the fresh spring air and I knew that, even paralyzed, there is still joy in my life.

3. Two children were walking into the school room when he hit her, then sat two seats away, looking down at his lap knowing the raven-haired girl would be a good bride for him.

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