Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Good One

I found a good one, Hyper Link. This blog has links to other fanciful and creative sites. We had fun playing artist using a couple of those links.

The Jackson Pollock generator displays a white page awaiting some interaction. Cleverly, clicks change the color and fast movements produce squiggle, adding splatters reminiscent of Pollock’s work. It’s quite fun for the kids, and I mean kids of ALL ages.

And what about Picasso? Using this tool, we made two portraits and an abstract. Can you tell which one was created by an 8-yr-old? Create your own masterpiece and save it to the gallery.

Explore Hyper Link with your clicking finger ready. Expect to spend some time.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Vicki!

I have to thank you again! Picasso Head is fantastic! I've wasted hours looking at the gallery and creating some art. It's almost as good as flash earth!


Vicki said...

Anonymous ACZG, I always appreciate your visits and encouraging comments. Whenever I find fun sites I think they should be passed along. I'm really glad to see you like them, too.