Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dancing and Life

Today I read a blog that talked about being self-conscious when dancing. Many people are. Before I started living in a chair, dancing was important to me. I had heard we should dance as if no one is watching. Good advice.

Look around the dance floor. Most people ARE self-conscious and dance, not only like someone is watching, but like they are being graded. Relax. This is fun. Unless you are a professional performer, in a class, or in a contest, no one is grading you. If someone does give you a bad grade, call me and I'll tell them to stop it.

Dancing is art, and you, with the music as your guide, are the artist. However, if YOU are the one grading yourself, maybe you should take lessons until you have confidence enough to dance as if no one is watching – no one important, that is.

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."
John Gardner

Dance like you don’t need an eraser.

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."
St. Francis De Sales

If you are not an excellent dancer, allow yourself to be the best non-excellent dancer you can be. Life is your dance. Relax and enjoy it.


Baraka said...

Dear Vicki,

One of the things I miss most in my life is dancing with my husband. Granted it was usually in the kitchen with jazz & blues blasting but we had so much fun!

Life is your dance

I like that, it allows me to have dancing as a part of my life again even if my feet won't allow it.

Thank you,

Baraka said...

I miss dancing.


Thanks for linking to the Disabled comic on your other blog!


Vicki said...

I miss dancing, too.

It's nice to watch dancers. When they're good I can almost feel the dance, and when they're not so good, I can feel the awkwardness. Not as fun as dancing, but almost fun just the same.


And, yes, I enjoy the comic. Just yesterday a little girl asked me why I get to have that (pointing to my cart). *sigh