Friday, January 20, 2006

Reality Shows

The first reality show we watched was the first Survivor. Wait, we saw MTVs program where a group of kids who were strangers live together for a period of time. On that one there was no winner, it was just the experience. I would have done that years ago – I think.

Then we saw "Survivor." I would have considered doing that, but I would have been voted off in the first or second show. I am not good at deception, especially with an alliance. An alliance is composed of allies -- another word for friends.

Since then, we have watched some reality shows, and not others. Some of them were not reality shows at all, but more like game shows. I know, I know, if there is a winner it must be a game. I like some game shows, but not these.

This season I enjoy "Dancing with the Stars." I used to really like dancing. I was never as good as these contestants, but I can relate to them and it certainly is fun. And I like "Project Runway." Again, I can relate to the contestants and I think their design challenges are fun.

Fun. Fun.

I like stories with actors playing characters, too. I think the TV schedule is becoming overrun with reality shows . . . although I do have a couple of ideas for good "reality" experience shows.

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