Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Peace on Earth

Right after Christmas I wrote a post about world peace, including links of interest. Some of the sites did not have current activity, but I thought they were worth reading, maybe inspiring new activity. I wondered why I did not find a blog devoted to peace. Well, I kept looking.

Here is a world peace newsletter -- and it goes beyond ending war. It includes links for personal peace, tips for various facets of lifestyle as well as peace from world conflict; peace sites and events. The newsletter is current.

Plough Shares Fund is a 24 year-old foundation that offers grants for projects to eliminate weapons and prevent conflicts. The site has current news articles and expert lists including experts from many nations covering many events. This site also offers a newsletter.


On the propeace site, registered users can leave comments on current news. There is also a summary of U.S. governmental activity.

Here’s to peace in your life and mine, and peace in your world and mine.

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