Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Remember Him

I often remember him this time of year. Today is the 45th anniversary of that day in Dallas when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I have been thinking about him quite a bit this year. It was hard not to remember the first presidential campaign that got my attention when watching the excitement created by Barack Obama's run and election. It was exciting then, too, in 1959, when Kennedy offered his good looks, his inspiring speaking style, his enchanted view of w
hat could be, and just his charisma.

Their campaigns are compared. Young children are again on the way to the White House.

It makes me remember.


Anonymous said...

Makes me remember too.

I think Obama has a lot of similarities to Kennedy. Never since Kennedy have we seen so many young people getting involved in election process. He inspired and inspires alot of people and makes one have hope for the future because of his determined manner of speaking how he will do this and do that.

So, yes, today is a day of remembrance of 1963. And now we have a future to look forward to with Obama. It is my prayer that he will have a safe Presidency so we do not have another day of remembrance like this one in the future.


Diane J Standiford said...

I too compare and fear. This will be better. Does he ever compare and fear? Lincoln too.

Liesl said...

I drove through Dealy Plaza on last weekend, not thinking about the date. It took me a second to realize why there were so many people there.