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It's no secret I like game shows, especially word games and trivia games. One long-time favorite is Jeopardy that first debuted on NBC on this date in 1964. Happy anniversary, Jeopardy.

This is the anwer-question trivia show created by Merv Griffin. Does anyone not know about Jeopardy by now?

In the Beginning
NBC thought the show would be
funny because of the format. Griffin actually had to fight to convince them otherwise. It also struggled with an early rule requiring questions to be grammatically correct -- an awkward requirement for a timed response. That rule was quickly dropped and a fast-paced serious quiz show began. Read about the beginning of the most popular game show ever!

Jeopardy began with host Art Fleming from 1964 until 1975 when the show left NBC and went into syndication. Fleming also ad a short stint with the All-New Jeopardy!, a short-lived 1978–1979 series with significantly different rules than the 1964-75 version. First, the lowest-scoring contestant was eliminated after the Jeopardy! Round; then, whoever was ahead at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round became the champion. No Final Jeopady!

The syndicated debut in 1984 introduced
Alex Trebek as host. Alex has always been a favorite host of mine. After years of retiring 5-time champions, the show began to allow them to remain until unseated by new contestants. More than one has earned multi-millions based on a knowledge of trivia. Here's a warning: some is not so trivial.

Among his many traits is the commitment to ensuring the show is inclusive. Remember Eddie Timunas on
Jeopardy showed us he could become a five-time champion with only a minor accommodation for his blindness.

Are you ready to question the answers? Give it a try. Be a contestant!

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