Monday, May 28, 2007

Special Day

I often write about special days, holidays, anniversaries of significant events, or other reasons one day is different than another.

Sometimes the days are important, but sometimes they are playful or just silly. Some days have only one or two reasons to be special, but others have a long list of celebrations or observances. Some days are confused and the celebration date is not clear or is actually a conflict of two dates, so please forgive me when I get one wrong.

Every day has something, and I think it's fun to discover. Here's a blog that says Every Day Is a Holiday. What fun.

What is special about today? This is Memorial Day. Many people actually get a holiday, but many others don't because the retail world is filled with sales! It's hard not to know it is Memorial Day.

Today is also Amnesty International Day, reminding us of the importance of human rights. Amnesty International's site exposes problems around the world, and offers possible actions that can be helpful.

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