Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beware of Cyberbullies

Bullies just cannot leave people alone. Now they are active on the Internet bullying bloggers and other online writers. I first learned about this when reading Don't Gel Too Soon's March 28 post explaing the problem of cyberstalking and Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Well, I missed mentioning it March 30, but it is important that we remain aware of it. Here is a good article about the bullies and what to do if one picks you to torment.

What about the kids? No one is exempt from the threat. Now that kids are online much of the time, schoolyard bullies are expanding their territories to include the Internet.
Here is a site giving hints to children telling them how not to be a bully online, and what to do if they are bothered by a bully. There's a game that gives kids practice in dealing with cyberbullies.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the following link:

Don said...

Resources on young people's safety on the Internet, including cyberbullying, can be found at Child Safety on Web 2.0: Who Should Protect Our Kids?, Cyberbullying and Free Speech, Cyberbullying, Bullies and Bullying, Additional Resources on Bullies and Bullying, Especially for Young People and Their Parents, Safety Resources for Young People,, and Stop Cyberbullying.