Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Steel Dust, the Fabulous Quarter Horse

I was looking through the Texas Historical Commission database of sites in Dallas County, and I found a horse.

Steel Dust – what a great name for a horse! He was brought to the Texas Republic in 1844 as a colt. He began a career in racing and outran all challengers on Ten Mile Creek southeast of Dallas. He was so quick his back was coated with molasses so his jockey could stay on.

Unfortunately, he was hurt at the starting gate and never raced again. It was time for a change. His second career as a stud for the King Ranch, was distinguished with many honor winners, stock for rodeos and polo teams.

Sounds like a typical Texas tall tale, but in 1971 a historical marker was erected to honor the foundation sire for the most popular quarter horse strain of the 20th century. It must be true!

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