Saturday, August 19, 2006

Smile -- Happiness Happens in August

August, once Admit You're Happy Month, has been renamed to Happiness Happens Month. Happiness is contagious, so your mission is to pass along a happy moment and share the feeling. Can't think of anything? Well, let's see if I can spread some smiles. Here goes --

Harvey Ball invented the smiley face for an advertising campaign. It was not trademarked, but left in public domain for us all to enjoy. Most people with email are familiar with emoticons that express every emotion, including happy ones.

Kevin Eikenberry has studied this topic and he came up with a list why we are happy. Kevn leads a training, speaking, and consulting group that helps people reach and exceed their potential. That would probably make anyone happy.

And tell me you don't smile when you see cute animals -- bunnies, cats, unusual animals and even
fish. Cute Overload offers a daily dose of cute.

Now that you admit it, join the Secret Society for Happy People. Founder Pamela Gail Johnson says "If you're happy and you know it, tell somebody."

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