Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reba and a Helping Hand

On Friday night, we watched Reba on TV, and thanks to the show's brilliant writing, I was especially touched by the idea of people helping others after a disaster, often at personal expense and inconvenience.

Reba hosted a family displaced by Katrina. She was generous beyond her intentions, inviting a woman and her grandson to stay at her house. Reba thought she had room until the rest of the family joined the grandmother. Soon Reba’s family was competing for the kitchen and bathroom with 18 “guests.”

Melissa Petersen in corn rows was hilarious as her speech and actions immediately became influenced by the black culture surrounding her. Reba kept thinking it was all too much but each time at the last minute she would realize there was always enough to share.

The displaced grandmother was dusting Reba’s family picture and she said she mostly missed her family pictures.

It made me sad. Katrina created such a need for so many people. They lost everything -- houses, clothes, possessions, pets, family members, friends, neighborhoods, feelings of security and comfort – everything.

Reba showed a vivid glimpse of people willing to lend a hand, to interrupt their own lives, and help others survive a disaster.

Then today I awoke in my cozy bed to the news of the Java earthquake with 200,000 homeless.

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