Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just Surfing

Sometimes I find sites or blogs that I enjoy reading. Sometimes I get interested when searching for something and something else catches my attention, sometimes I check links on other blogs, or simply click the "next blog" button. Here are a few I enjoyed recently.

Overmatter is a blog described as leftovers from the science desk, written by Natasha Loder a journalist based in London. Natasha has ties to The Economist so she has access to information on many topics. She has an easy writing style and her blog covers a wide assortment of subject matter, all under the science umbrella. I read about medical marijuana, the bird flu, a drug test gone bad, new findings about Vesuvius, the Zoobank, and a planned moon dust auction. There are more!

Neave is a fun site by Paul Neave, self-described Flash fettler and interactive activist. I’m not sure what “fettler” means, but he uses Flash. Go to the Imagination page and after the message displays, move the cursor, click once or twice, and then just watch it. Young children will enjoy moving the mouse around to create scribbled designs. Flower grows a new flower for each click. Flash Earth uses satellite and aerial imagery. He also has games, a planetarium, and an audio/visual page and more. Check out his site.

Here is a blog made up of photographs of plates of food. Food Nucca is described as "foods the writer eats when he remembers to take pictures." He begins with a list of restaurants and then posts one meal at a time. There is a comment on each written by the same screen name. Maybe this is an experiment to see how many people will visit to see what is served for lunch.

This last one is World of Jokes, Funny Pictures and entertainment. A bit of a grandiose title, but there are interesting pictures and pretty good jokes. It is entertainment. There are quite a few comments, even one written by the screen name who left comments at Food Nucca.

Just thought I'd share. Enjoy surfing!


Leisus said...

Some Good stuff here

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki,

I just wanted to thank you for the site! I wasted my entire morning looking at the world. The detail was so good in Arizona I could see my house (the picture was older because my house was under construction) and we've been in the house for three years, but it was great!



Vicki said...

Yes, Dr. Savage, I thought it was good enough to pass along. And just this small sampling shows the diversity of personal sites. This web stuff is kinda fun!

Yes, Ms Anonymous, it's amazing how close you can get. There are some satellite services that update more regularly, but I can't think of them right now. I'll come back later with an update. Glad you had fun. I know I did.