Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Books and Covers

Here’s a fun blog with a single purpose: Judging Books by Their Covers

By fun, I don’t mean call the kids. The language is less than delicate. However, the premise is clever and the blog is fun. He (I assume the author is a ‘he’ because the posts are signed Mr. Bingolittle) looks at a book cover and reviews it – the cover, not the book. He confesses he does not read the book. Most of the review concerns the title, although the author’s name is also fair game.

I read a few reviews, but did not find one he likes. He seems angry (based on the descriptive language) and gets his kicks out of ridiculing the package that is the book. I don’t think he’s angry, he’s just having fun with a clever idea.

It does make me think.

Now another site if you choose to go beyond the cover: Literature Map

Enter an author’s name, and the site will display other author's names. The original name is in the center, those most similar are close, and the names furthest in the display are similar, but less so. The closer two names are, the more likely a reader who likes one will also like the other.

Now, click on any name anywhere on the display, and a new tourist map of literature with the clicked name at the center displays.

If you like one, the map names others you might like. Writers of all genres and time periods are included. Expand your reading options. Explore new writers.

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